Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Email communication- Important and Effective!!!

Email Signature Tips @

Make it easy for people to contact you and find your services by creating a great email signature. Here are some tips:
  • Use 2 hyphens and a space (-- ) as the first line of your signature. It's the official way to indicate the start of a signature
  • Make sure it's in plain text so people can copy/paste it
  • Keep it as short as possible, say less than 10 lines
  • Don't exceed 70 characters per line
  • Include your full name
  • Include your position
  • Include your business name
  • Include important phone numbers
  • Include your websites address and make it a link
  • Include a small logo or even photo of you. Keep it smaller than 100x100 and make sure you specify its width and height in the html
  • Reference images from somewhere on the internet so others can see them. E.g. on your website.
  • Don't include personal stuff like your own website. Keep a separate signature for that
  • You don't need to include your email address. That's already in the from field
  • Only add a legal disclaimer if required
  • Only include your business address if you have walk in customers
  • Don't add quotes or personal comments as they make a signature large and may offend

Email Signature Ideas

And some ideas on how to further enhance your signature...

  • Use your business colours and font
  • Include links to other networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook Fan Page and Twitter accounts
  • Link to a vCard file (don't attach one) which can be used to quickly add you to their address book
  • Add some sales pitch, like a link to a new offer or service
  • Encourage clients to write a review or testimonial about you
  • Add certification images
It's best to use a branded email address if possible. E.g. use your websites domains based email account over your ISP ( or web ( addresses. It's more professional and invokes trust.
I have several signatures for different uses. E.g. personal, business, replies, promotions. Make your signatures suite the moment. Reply signature should be shorter than main signature so that you don't clog up long conversations with long signatures.