Tuesday, July 12, 2011

CTRL+F5 RethinkingWeb

Hi followers,

With the monsoon living up to its expectations (not in the case of some people like my partners), anyway, I am enjoying the monsoons and also the fact that it is now more than a year that RethinkingWeb has been in operations and thanks to all you well-wishers and a larger share of thanks (if there was any) to our esteemed clients and partners, who have made this a convenient journey and helped RethinkingWeb up its scale of operations and go big!

We have just recently revamped our website and have also started our full scale operations from Mulund. It has been an excellent journey so far and we have met some fantastic people throughout this journey, we have added a few new team members and are expecting a few more in. A lot of time and energy has been spent behind designing the new look for our website, we have tried to keep information which is most relevant on there for you and have taken careful steps to make sure that the navigation and visual characteristics appeal to our visitors, so do make sure you visit our website www.rethinkingweb.com and give us a feedback on what you liked there and what you would like to see. We thought of adding a lot more to our site, however, are contemplating on different ideas. We are also planning on adding new content every now and then to help our visitors with new information, and not just data. Our designers are trying to work out the best possible designs and by incorporating latest technology and concepts.

While on our website do not forget to browse through our portfolio to witness some amazing works through us. Some of our clients have said some wonderful things about us and we shall soon post them on the website. All of this trust and adulation has been promising sign and hence we have now set up our new office in Mulund to be there for you all the time.

We will also be available on chat at all times on our website, so if you want to chat to any of our Rethinkers just log on to our website and chat with us about any questions you have. We will be integrating voice chat options soon, stay tuned to know more.

Do make an appointment and visit our new office at Mulund and we shall be happy to discuss business and weather with you (We form strong opinions on weather). Otherwise if you have something in mind and want us to sort it out for you, just give us a call and we shall pay you a visit. As it is, monsoons have given us a reason to launch our new office and website, we are also offering a 25 % discount on new websites and web designing projects.

As mentioned earlier we will make changes to our content and designs from time to time, we will also change our offers every month and will keep updating you via blogs and mailers. So stay tuned for what’s to follow.

Thank you all, it is a pleasure sharing all of this with you, we hope you enjoy prosperity this monsoon.

Bye for now.


  1. Congrats Rethinkers!!! Wish you all the very best!!!

  2. Finally a blog that brags about RethinkingWeb....

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