Friday, September 14, 2012

Why Websites SUCK and how we make them BETTER!!!

!!!!!!!!!Here is a list of ten reasons on why most small business websites suck and ten ways to make their small business website better!!!!!!!!!

Reason why websites "SUCK": 

  1. Static websites with no fresh content
  2. They took the “cheapest” route to get online just because they heard they should
  3. No call to actions
  4. Design is horrible
  5. Using Flash
  6. Using a free website solution that either uses a sub domain like or puts their ads on the free website until you upgrade to take it off.
  7. Small Business owners are usually great at what they do but don’t have a clue on the latest user interfaces, user experience techniques, and just think once they have a website they are done.
  8. Most of the small business websites we see are great for “current clients” in mind but aren’t used as sales tools or a welcome mat for new customers to sign up, call, or buy your product or service.
  9. They built their website in 1999 when people and phones both were not "Smart" and folks used terms like "Floppy drives" and it still looks like they were built in 1999
  10. They don’t treat their website like they do their location or real estate. When they find an office or a location to start their business they put thought into that and maybe even are willing to invest 20k a month for their retail or office space. But then they go and spend 2k on a crappy website? Your web space is virtual real estate and should be looked at that way.
How will we make it better:
  1. Use WordPress
  2. Invest money in (local web designer's) who have an updated portfolio of websites that fits your style and needs. Obviously like us!
  3. Check out services like if you still want a great web design but are on a low budget.
  4. Get a great domain name and consider either a great brand strategy related to your business name or use the main keywords of your service or product within the domain name. is a great place to buy domain names because they don’t sucker you into going through ten pages of crap to try an upsell stuff you don’t need.
  5. Use really good hosting that has 24/7 live chat support similar to and allows use to build other websites down the line if you need to. They also have 1-click installation of content management systems like WordPress.
  6. Think of a content strategy once the website is up. Are you going to blog to keep your site fresh with content related to what you do? Or maybe have a videos that you do and upload to the site if you aren’t into writing all the time.
  7. Answer questions that customers always ask you in person on your website. This way when they call they are ready to buy or just need a little more clarification before pulling the trigger on using your service.
  8. Don’t use flash, we are now in 2012
  9. Use WordPress plugins to make your site mobile friendly or help with the on page SEO structure of the site
  10. OR – Find a website management & marketing company you become familiar with, like and trust to do all of this for you so you can focus on your business. You don’t expect a web design and internet marketing company to know how to pull a tooth if you are a dentist, or change your oil if you are an auto repair shop, so we don’t expect you to build all of this better then someone that lives and breathes this every day..? If you want to take a shot at it keep some of these tips above in mind and let us know if you have any questions.


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